Sponsor a WiFi Hotspot

Why are WiFi Hotspots important?


Access to data is a constraint.

Multiple studies show that COVID-19 is leading to the widening of the education gap in part because students from disadvantaged communities lack access to data plans and proper devices to attend school online. The fact of the matter is that many teenagers in India lacked access to a high quality education even in the pre-pandemic era.
Now, with Turn the Bus' solutions available on any smartphone, bridging the data access gap can significantly improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged students. Accordingly, Turn the Bus is looking for sponsors for WiFi hotspots in Bihar.

  • WiFi hotspots will be located at Jeevika’s offices
  • Students will access the WiFi network by scanning a QR code posted on the billboard located outside of the Jeevika office
  • Students are only able to access educational sites such as Turn the Bus’s app and other
  • The hotspots will be maintained by a technician
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