Fixing The Bug: Implementing Ed-Tech Development Programs

There has arguably never been a single event in the history of the world that has put a spotlight on ‘digital education’, more than the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has. However, leveraging technology for education is not a novel idea born out of the 2020 crisis.

The Evolving Language/s of the Indian Internet

22 official languages, over 6,000 dialects, one country – that’s India for you. Only a handful of nations in this planet can boast of such diversity. This diversity is going to become the touchstone for those serving Indian internet users. 

India’s Poor are on the Grid, and They Don’t Like to be Bored

What do you think a farmer from one of India’s many underprivileged villages would do if he is provided with internet? Check grain prices, or weather patterns? Look for ways to expand their business? The odds are that he would do none of these.

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