E-learning is the New Norm in India After 2020

ICT (Information Communication and Technology) is not a new phenomenon in India. Distance learning pedagogy and app-based learning (including Whatsapp) have played an effective role in higher education as a platform for sharing and learning between students.

Bridging the Gender Digital Divide: The Real Picture

I wonder how many of us would agree that technology is ‘dividing’! The Mobile Gender Gap report notes three barriers to equalization of digital divide in Asia – Lack of awareness, affordability and lack of digital skills[1].

Do You Wish To Turn The Bus With Us? - Volunteering is Fun!

Hear 3 of our Volunteers’ stories on why they decided to volunteer at Turn The Bus, the value it has brought to their lives and one key lesson they are keen on sharing with you! Maybe it will make you want to Turn The Bus too?

How can AI/ML be Leveraged in Solving Educational Inequality?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have received substantial attention in the 21st century by researchers, governments, and the public, mainly because of their ability to propose dynamic and innovative solutions to social and economic problems.

Case Study in Online Volunteering: eVidyaloka

A BBC correspondent goes deep into the forests of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu and finds a more majestic entity than the tiger- a cluster of students learning around a computer, with a teacher teaching them LIVE from 7000 miles away in New Zealand!

Speaking The Language of ‘The Next Half Billion’

500 million people in India are on the precipice of digital connectivity within the next 5 years. When this hopeful population pours into the more ‘inclusive’ market, will we be able to speak their 22 different official languages?

A Bridge Over The ‘Digital Divide’: Equitable Internet Access

It is the first week of the year and while it seems like we cannot rush fast enough towards the rest of 2021, we take this transitional moment to pause and reflect, to take our hats off to those that have persevered throughout this year to cope with the challenges it brought.

‘Toppers As Tutors’: Turn The Bus's 'Participation' in Education

Today, after over a century of Gandhi’s Satyagraha, the West Champaran district of Bihar is resounding with an echo of a revolution of a different kind. Bihari students battle against the repressive influence of inequity in education with our allyship.

Fixing The Bug: Implementing Ed-Tech Development Programs

There has arguably never been a single event in the history of the world that has put a spotlight on ‘digital education’, more than the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has. However, leveraging technology for education is not a novel idea born out of the 2020 crisis.

The Evolving Language/s of the Indian Internet

22 official languages, over 6,000 dialects, one country – that’s India for you. Only a handful of nations in this planet can boast of such diversity. This diversity is going to become the touchstone for those serving Indian internet users. 

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