Why we need more hackathons for social good

What happens when you bring change-makers, innovators, writers, and designers together to work on a social issue? You see ideas turn into reality, find solutions to relevant problems, and build a strong community. A hackathon is one such event where people get the perfect opportunity to contribute to solving real-world social issues using technology-focused solutions.

Effective economic growth through smart investments in environmentally friendly jobs-A case study of Bihar

Decent work and economic growth

Over the last 25 years, the number of workers living in extreme poverty has declined dramatically, despite the lasting impact of the 2008 economic crisis and global recession[1].

Chat For Impact Summit: A Message from Keynote Speaker, Alicia Garza

In this second blog for the month of May 2021, we are excited to bring to you some snippets of our meeting with Keynote Speaker, Alicia Garza, Founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Co- Founder of Black Futures Lab, civil rights activist, author and advocate of race, gender, and sexuality.

Turn the Bus Gets Selected for the Chat For Impact Summit by WhatsApp!

The month of May began with an exciting event at Turn the Bus- we were selected as one of the 30 deserving non- profit organizations amongst hundreds others globally, to attend WhatsApp’s Chat For Impact Summit which was held from the 3rd to the 6th of May 2021. In this blog, as well as the next following blogs for the month of May, we will be talking about the Summit and all that we got to learn there!

Retaining passion, positivity and inner discovery in the face of hardships – do we have stress ready future leaders?

All of us are passionate for something in life! We all have had peaks and valleys that follow when pursuing our passions. Whether it is work, arts, sports, fitness, career or anything else, sometimes we lose sleep because we get dejected on not meeting our own expectations! Most often, it’s the environment that causes this to happen.


Apart from the big problem of educational inequality that education- focused nonprofits aim to solve, can you think of another magnanimous issue that students and other young people in India face? It is that of mental health disorders. Here, we focus on some great mental health programs in schools in India!


What can be done now, when COVID-19 has deepened the scars of the gender gap in education? Can women specifically play a role in helping improve these situations? It has been proven that the gender gap in education will lower in communities with female leaders. Where women lead, women win!

A Glimpse Into Turn The Bus’s ‘Theory of Change’

Turn The Bus believes that if students are provided access to quality curricular education by leveraging digital technology, then intergenerational poverty can gradually be eliminated.

A Case For Sexual Health Education

In organisations’ missions to reduce social inequality by reducing educational inequality in developing contexts, can we magnify our collective impact by moving beyond classroom curriculum education and also including health education? Read on to see what we think about this.

Educational NGOs Need To Also Focus On Financial Literacy Of Female Adolescents

Why is there an urgent need to include courses on financial literacy in the education curriculum of female adolescents, especially in a context like Bihar in India? In this blog post, we explore how financial literacy empowers women and also has major implications on their security and health.

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