Some Commonly Used Apps for Education in India

Online learning platforms have witnessed significant growth in the last few years. These online apps have made education easier, affordable and available to all; offering a variety of courses for students. 

Here are the top five apps that are used for education in India:

1)BYJUS-  BYJU’s app is used by over 15 million students from around the world. Byjus provides excellent teachers as well as innumerable courses starting from Kindergarten to competitive exam preps. It uses videos and quizzes to help students learn. 

2) VEDANTU- It is a tutoring company which nourishes students towards the best education. Vedantu is known for providing interactive classes with quality teachers in individual and group classes. 

3) KHAN ACADEMY- This is a non-profit app and its solitary objective is to provide better learning tools to students. They have partnered with institutions like NASA, MIT, and the modern museum of art. 

4) UNACADEMY-  This app delivers video lectures and specialized lessons on competitive exams which have aided students from the secluded corner of the country. Unacademy also helps to improve a student’s writing and speaking skills. 

5) MERITNATION-This is India’s largest online learning portal, helping students with online tuition, and study materials, and offers assistance with homework, exams, revision etc. Meritnation also focuses on a student’s holistic development. 

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