Benefits Of Digitalisation And Technology Shaping India’s Education System

Over the decade, digitalisation has extensively impacted India’s educational system, with newer techniques being implemented. Digital education has the effect of expanding the reach of learning to communities that could otherwise be excluded. It provides scope for personalised and self-directed study and can potentially lead to an enormous transformation in the education sector of India.

Advantages of digitising the educational system of India: 

1) It is vital for effective education that study resources must be affordable to all. With classroom teaching, this is not possible. Many students can’t find relevant books at affordable prices. Digital transformation makes it possible for everyone to get access to learning online. 

2)Digitalisation will make self-assessments at an individual, group, regional, or even national level easier for the students enabling them to make informed decisions about their careers. 

3) Digitalising will enable students to use apps which will motivate them and boost their confidence. 

4) With digitalisation, education will be both systematic and personalised at the same time.

The institutions and the government are moving towards enhancing the learning experience with technological advancements. The transformation is leading several students and institutions to educational success and thus, it should be widespread among the people and everyone should be able to yield advantage of it.


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