Behind The Scenes of Turn The Bus ( Part.1)

At Turn The Bus, we are focused on delivering digital education solutions to underserved communities in India.Turn The Bus conveys video and audio-based digital learning solutions to the lower strata of society. Here, in conversation with Java Singh, a content creator, an educator, and an integral part of our organisation. 

Interviewer: What got you involved with Turn The Bus? 

Java: Bratati Ghosh (The founder) is my batch-mate, in the earlier days of the organisation, she was looking for people to volunteer to create video lessons. So, I started teaching a few English literature lessons for Turn The Bus. Apart from Bratati, a few other batch-mates were also involved with Turn The Bus. The community that Bratati had built drew me in and eventually I took up more responsibilities. 

Interviewer: Why have you chosen social work as a career?

Java: I cannot say this is a career since we all are working pro bono. I believe this is a phase of life where I want to give back to society. In the fifties, our material aspirations are in place, children are grown up and we feel settled in our lives. We wanted to contribute to the sector of society that has been left behind. The similar thought process and our faith in education brought all of us together. We all went to government institutes and we feel that whatever we accomplished was because of the education that we received. It was the paying forward that attracted me to social work. 

Interviewer: What is the most difficult part about your work? 

Java: The journey is satisfying and fulfilling every single day since it involves having conversations with like-minded people. The difficult part is to look at the reality of the quality of education that youngsters have access to. Looking at the difference between paid education and the education that is being handed has to be the most difficult part of this job. 

Interviewer: Can you share a recent project that you have done for Turn The Bus?

Java: I oversee the content creation for Turn The Bus. I also manage a group of interns and take them through a digital training workshop on how to make videos, lesson planning and how to effectively communicate. My work involves a series of projects. 

Interviewer: Stay on board with us, we’ll complete our delightful conversation with Java Singh in the next blog. 

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