Behind The Scene Of Turn The Bus

At Turn The Bus, our primary goal is to deliver digital education solutions to underserved communities in India. Here, we intend to bring forth the hard work, motivation, and planning that goes behind making this organisation a triumph. Here, in conversation with Gagandeep Singh (Co-founder of Turn The Bus India foundation), sharing with us his contributions, personal anecdotes and his role behind Turn The Bus. 

Interviewer: Why are you involved with Turn The Bus? 

Gagandeep: Firstly, my involvement comes from my trust in the founder, Bratati Ghosh as well as our common belief in giving something back to society. Secondly, the notion of organisation design and I was also very intrigued by the idea behind this organisation. Also, I wanted to immerse myself in this new experience and discover what we could offer especially to Bihar. It has been an energizing experience altogether.  

Interviewer: Why do you want to work with the targeted population? 

Gagandeep: In my personal experience,  education has helped my family acquire a better lifestyle. I believe education is a way of building a perspective that goes beyond just surviving. The people we work with are daily wage earners and they don’t know how they’ll survive the next day. Perhaps what education does is that it provides them with an alternative to lead a better life. Bihar, especially, witnesses extreme poverty hence, if the upcoming generation is provided with substantial education then that in turn will improve their way of thinking and living. It will empower people to go beyond just earning a substantial wage to sustain themselves. 

Interview: Can you tell us about your role in the organization? 

Gagandeep: In Turn The Bus I oversee HR policies and organization design. I also offer ideas and insight on what should be done and how. In terms of role, I am a co-founder of Turn The Bus, India foundation.

Interviewer: Generally what does your fieldwork entail? 

Gagandeep: Recently, I have made four trips. I met students and helped my colleagues meet and coordinate with teachers and students.

Interviewer: Can you share a personal experience from one of your field trips?

Gagandeep: One story that I would like to share is about this woman named Rajkranti from rural Bihar, who demonstrated self-reliance in using technology and creating a poultry and fishery business on a very small land. I was fortunate enough to travel to her village and hear her story. She educated herself with the help of youtube, guided by a few members of Jeevika. Her story is phenomenal, she has not only become empowered and self-employed but is also working towards helping others. 

Interviewer: How do you think your contribution is helping the targeted population and society at large? 

Gagandeep: In the world of creating social value there is an immediate outcome and a larger hope. The outcome that Turn The Bus is hoping for is to help young children complete their high school education which will open innumerable doors for them to a bright future. Our target entails overseeing how many of these children are using software and ED Tech to help themselves with their education. We are also tracking how impactful our program and materials are to these children. We started with 800 students in the first year, last year the number increased to 21,000 students and this year nearly 30,000 students have enrolled in our program. 

Interviewer: Thank you Gagandeep Singh it was a pleasure talking to you. 

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