Barriers of rural students in learning English: August survey findings

Barriers of rural students in learning English: August survey findings

In March 2021, a group of 100 students was randomly selected out of a cohort of 800 who were a part of the pilot project to collect their feedback on the activities conducted as a part of the program. It was intended to follow this up with a detailed questionnaire to gather information about the students' scores to enable cross tabs and correlations of actual exam performance with feedback and engagement in the pilot activities.

Turn the Bus conducted a concluding survey that included questions about the future plans and students' family background to better understand student needs for higher education content and livelihood training. Although the attempted sample size was 100 we were able to interview only 71 students who primarily belonged to East Champaran and West Champaran districts of Bihar.

Through survey data analysis, students' problems related to the English language and their perspective towards it, which may have resulted in a lower score than other subjects, were documented. We collected scores of 61 students studying Intermediate arts under the Bihar board in subjects such as English, Hindi, Political Science, Geography, History, Psychology, Economics, etc. It was found that students find it especially difficult to score well in English, the average score being 49, while it was more than 60 in other subjects and they also cited English as the most difficult subject. Students have to compulsorily opt for English as it is seen as an important asset in higher education and job employment. But it is evident from the graph below that the students face a barrier in learning English as compared to the rest of the subjects.  

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