Photo blog: Gender inequality in technology starts with inaccessibility to smartphones

Smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of everyday life for most adolescents in India. The pandemic shifted learning to online platforms, resulting in increased browsing time. 

Turn the Bus’s Education Technology Program

The photo in the spotlight in this photoblog inspires a conversation about Turn the Bus’s education technology program.

Photo Blog: Smartphones can accelerate digital empowerment in India

Younger generations have often led older people in their adoption and use of technology, they are the early adopters and find it easy to work with smartphones. But there has been significant growth in tech adoption among older generations as well. 

Photo Blog: Where women lead, women win!

This photoblog is centred on the topic: where women lead, women win! Turn the Bus is also conceptualised, founded and led by a woman.

Educating The Girl Child in Bihar, India

In this blog, we would like to talk about the status of education among girls in Bihar, India, the state where our program is currently in implementation. We hope this blog gives you a quick insight into the development context and inspires you to engage with us and our program.

Photo Blog: United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality Education

As we celebrate the United Nations Day today’s, the photograph in focus is about the United Nations SDG 4- Quality Education. The right to have access to quality education is one of the most important goals set by the world, so that ‘no one is left behind’.


Today’s photograph focuses on our key partner, the World Bank funded ‘JEEViKA’ program of the Government of Bihar, that is mainly aimed at the socioeconomic empowerment of rural households in Bihar. The ‘JEEViKA’ program has mobilised over 10 million rural women in Bihar and organised them into

Photo Blog: From One of Our Volunteers, To You

Turn the Bus’s model of operation finds fuel in many incredibly talented and passionate volunteers all over the globe. Today’s photos in focus give you a glimpse into one of our Volunteers, Vikram.

Photo Blog: Turn the Bus's 100,000 Enrollment Drive

Photo Blog: Turn the Bus's 100,000 Enrollment Drive

Since the Turn the Bus program was launched in 2018, we have collaborated with the Bihar government and Jeevika, to pilot our program in the Champaran district of Bihar. However, since the past many months, our efforts have been directed towards the scaling up of the use of our EdTech app by high school students all over Bihar, going beyond our pilot districts to include the rest of the 38 districts in Bihar.

Barriers of rural students in learning English: August survey findings

Barriers of rural students in learning English: August survey findings

In March 2021, a group of 100 students was randomly selected out of a cohort of 800 who were a part of the pilot project to collect their feedback on the activities conducted as a part of the program. It was intended to follow this up with a detailed questionnaire to gather information about the students' scores to enable cross tabs and correlations of actual exam performance with feedback and engagement in the pilot activities.

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